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Bendy And The Henry's Secrets (Formerly Bendy And The Secret Henry) This is a fan game based on the game Bendy And The Ink Machine: The plot of Henry (The main character) - he is an animator and creator of the character Bendy, he hid his secrets in Joey Drew Studios 30 years ago, later, Henry returned to this studio, but she was ... empty ... Your task: to find these secrets so that no one would find you, good luck! The game is created by one person on the Unity Engine. This fan game is not related to the Original and the developers! 

Log: Used game engine: Unity versions 5.6.7f1.Very beautiful graphics (wrote my post processing)new props, new sounds, ounds walking on different surfaces. 

There are graphics settings, there is a player dialogue, the game is optimized (only for powerful PCs) the map is completely redone,

Menu bug
when you minimize the game freezes tightly
no more,

A plus:
You can eat bacon soup,
weapons added etc

Original game: https://joeydrewstudios.com/

System Requirements: Windows XP ,Vista, 7,8,81,10 32 and 64 bit RAM 1 GB, 2 GB recommended 1 GB video memory (with DX10-11 support) 4 core processor. Memory on HDD or SSD -250MB 

Good game:

Elapsed time: 1 year

Install instructions

Unpack and play


Bendy And The Henry's Secrets (Demo).zip 96 MB

Development log


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wow i like it

New game https://hainyxgame-studios.itch.io/bendy-and-the-abbys-secrets-early-access

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So it's kind of like chapter one (of BATIM) without objective and with russian voice acting! Useful if you're learning russian haha (at least it sounded like russian it could've been Ukrainian or Belarussian or maybe a Balkan language but that feels like a stretch) 


Can you make this chromebook supported


Hello! BATHS for Windows OS Only, Unity Engine not supported Chromebook! Chapter Two coming soon, include Mac Os


Chromebooks are not meant to play games on


My First Animation 

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also how many chapters are there going to be


how do you start playing?

i already downloaded it 

can you do it on chromebook

Hello! BATHS for Windows OS Only, Unity Engine not supported Chromebook! Chapter Two coming soon, include Mac Os

can you try to put it on chromebook

Chromebooks are not meant to play games on. It's meant to do other things.

i need a mac version


Hello, Bendy And the Henry's Secrets in Development to chapter two in build for all platform, include Mac Os...

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when will it be done?

it is not known yet

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Yes! These are the best Fan-Game!

Thanks you)


Great Job Making This Game!


Thanks you ST Studio!)


can i make all chapters please

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Hi, no, you cannot create all the chapters, because BATIM fans know that I am the developer of this game, and you don’t know what the continuation of the game will be, I forbid, and if you try, I will be forced to tell the developer that spoiled my fan game. Do something your own, do not pad another's fan game!


Nice game its got bendy feel to it and the same unity engine but the voice acting is not english tho xd still Nice game

Thanks you))


When do you will release the chaper 2

Hello! Chapter two coming soon)


But when it will be full version

not soon

Amazing game

Thanks you!)


the voice is actually weird but the game is  AMAZING

This game is creepy and gorgeous, like creepily gorgeous if that make sense. Gives me a feeling of being in a fun house where you're enjoying the moment but know that something bad is around the corner. I look forward to the full release and will check out Bendy titles in the mean time.


I wonder how long it will take for Meatly to get it taken down... lets be honest. It happend with other fan games so it will happen, but the game looks really nice


Chapter two trailer


but how to download game with chapter 2?

Chapter two in development...


YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD


Sorry but I kinda hate it
it's basically just a complete rip-off of the original game from what I've seen, not really a fan-game but a rip-off
so I assume this will be taken down as soon as it's noticed by theMeatly


Hi, thanks for the answer, I just showed what I'm capable of, and so the gameplay has completely changed

I want more! This looks and play like an official Bendy game. We are still drinking inks for no reason and Bendy seems to be out for revenge. Game is in German I think but there are English Subtitles. Give this game a try!

Please, rate my game)))


Cool cool cool 

AMAZING GAME! and I truly hope for a chapter 2!!!

Hope it will full version coming

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I'll be playing this game soon in my channel.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti


Hope Kindly Beast don't take it down... like they did with that one other fangame that used textures from the original

Thanks you for support me)


Hopefully you keep making games revolving around Bendy, we enjoy playing them

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That was really good! There was just a bit of things that seemed off to me, but overall i really like it! I also like how Henry speaks in a different language

Hello, thanks you for play my fan game)))